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Lighting Fixtures

Light Control Board
Light Control Board

Our range of Lighting Desks are suitable for all types of performances and uses, from conferences, stage schools, drama groups band performance and more.
We are happy to advise which desk will suit your needs.

Theater Lights

We offer a range of conventional lanterns
and LED fixtures for a variety of different lighting solutions.

Colored Theatre Lights

From lighting stands, barn doors to coloured GELs and GEL frames. We offer a wide range of equipment to enhance the overall effect of your lighting.


Lighting Control


Zero 88 Sirius 24

Old school memory desk provides users with a powerful set of programming and playback tools in an easy to use and economical lighting console. Featues 99 memories, 9 Level Chases, 6 Memory Masters. Sound control and DMX output available.

100 Plus.jpg

Strand 100 Plus

Fully Digital DMX desk with  12 channel 2 scene or 24 channel single scene pre-sets. 99 Memories with built in effects playback.

200 Plus.png

Strand 200 Plus

Memory desk featuring moving light control with 6 operation modes, 12 pages of sub masters, VGA output, 12 FX stacks with DMX output and USB storage.


Chauvet Stage Designer 50

Theatre style DMX controller with 48 channels. Features 8 pages with 12 scenes each and 96,000 programable steps. Co-ordinate light shows with sound to light ability.

Lighting Fixtures

Stage Lights.jpg

Conventional Lanterns

Our range of conventional lanterns and theatre lights offer a variety of different lighting solutions. These lanterns need a DMX /Analogue dimmer rack/lighting desk for control.

LED Light.jpg

LED Fixtures

We have a  range of LED fixtures, all DMX controlled that offer a variety of different lighting solutions.

Disco Lights.jpg

Moving Head

Moving head lights provide moving and static lighting effects with customised colours, shapes and effects. 

Disco Lights2.jpg

Disco Lights

Disco Lights provide special effects with colours, shapes and much more. Can be programmed to music to enhance your event.


Lighting Misc.

We offer a range of Barn Doors, GEL's and Gobo’s to enhance the effect of your lighting set up. Barn Doors control the light beam and help to shape the light, GEL's add colour to white lights and  Gobo’s are used for the projection of images – commonly used in theatre productions, corporate events and parties.

We stock a range of dimmer racks/DMX Muxes, lighting stands suitable for most events togther with rigging, fittings and safety chains etc.

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